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From a streamlined media room, to a luxury home theater, we deliver a rich and dynamic viewing and listening experience.Multi-room audio solutions provide easy access and distribution to vast libraries of media from any room in the house.



Building a quality Network is vital for your home’s automated services, audio and video, security, lighting communications and more. We’ll help design, configure and support your challenging IT & Networking needs with a comprehensive solution built for speed, reliability and security.



Intelligent video analytics and are capable of performing simultaneous security and surveillance applications such as intrusion detection, loitering, camera tampering and a wide range of people & vehicle counting functions.View your home in real time on any mobile device to help put you at ease and assure your home is safe.



Imagine living in a home that knows your likes and dislikes. Today’s intelligent environment is capable of initiating daily activities like changing the temperature, turning on/off lights, arming/disarming security systems, opening/closing window shades, turning on/off the TV, cable box, music.



Intelligent lighting to automatically turn on and off with the rising and setting sun by timing lights to an astronomical clock.Measure energy usage and production in real-time information on electricity use and costs. Users can monitor each and every aspect of electricity usage, from appliances to heating and lighting, and view their entire electricity usage or production at home or from afar.



From any setting – your home, office, high-rise apartment or multi-dwelling unit or yacht – GTS residential Smart Home Solutions can be easily customized to fuse seamlessly with your personal décor and aesthetic taste. The latest in control, automation, audio/video, communications and green technology, we place at your fingertips through sleek and intuitive user interfaces that are already a part of the everyday life of many people.



Our sound system capitalizes on the acoustic advantages of outdoor environments that are not impacted by the unwanted reflections and distortions of sound caused by interior walls.

Coastal Source outdoor audio system quickly and efficiently without drilling any holes into your home for wiring or to connect to your indoor system. Many choices are available for wireless music streaming from your mobile devices, such as Sonos, Airplay, Bluetooth , and others.



Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality, complete system from transformer and cable to fixture and LED lamp.Coastal Source products are built with integrity. More than 50 years of hands-on industry experience gave us what we needed to take on the entire market. By taking a systematic approach to outdoor lighting , we’ve been able to anticipate and overcome failures to provide you with the best of the best. Real world and laboratory testing has allowed us to achieve the best line of all-weather fixtures– a solution that is defying the elements.