Borneo VR+ 8 Adventure Experience

Just imagine, with VEONIC VR+, you can experience the mysterious Borneo Island with hop on a stationary VR bike while wearing a VR headset that simulates uphill or downhill rainforest mountain biking. This will let you feel the beautiful and yet green green grass of country along the both side of the road of the Pan Borneo Highway.

After you reach the top of mountain KK, you can fly using the most excited birdlike flight experience, to enjoy the ultimate freedom of a bird and intuitively explore the skies. As you fly over the Borneo countryside or over the buildings of downtown city along the sea-view.

After you fly, the VR simulator has you parachuting onto the jungle of Borneo, with a head-mounted display bringing various sensory cues. What sets the jump into apart is that it harnesses the user into a prone position like one would be when actually skydiving. In fact, you actually jump off a little block to get started. Because it’s centered around an apparatus like one would find at a convention or a fair, it’s unclear who will be able to use this, when and where.

Then, the VR shooter let you experience the ultra realistic shooting experience toward the wild boar in the rainforest jungle. It makes them only too real when you integrate it with the VEONIC VR+ in which you can feel the haptic feedback and motion detection.

Accidently, you have fallen down to one of the biggest caves in the world “Mulu Caves”, where you feel like ride a real-life roller coasters, you can also look all around for perspective, which makes coaster simulator a lot more realistic than without the VR headset.

When you touch the ground of the cave, you standing around in front of the giant cave with marvelous scenery, you can look from cave to cave, ceiling to ceiling, you can find out in some cases, there are plenty of swiftly and bat in the top of the cave.

Going out from the caves, you can experience the virtual racing by river surf “Sampan”, the experience is pretty intense, with more than enough river noise and great rainforest palm trees, along both side of the river. The river go along until reach the blue sea, the VR will give you a 360 degree immersive experience so you can see and feel those waves of South-China Ocean at you whatever you’d like